President,   Don Nelson    425-518-2579           2022

Vice-President,    Ken Van Rooy      406-231-1074      2021
Treasurer,    Ray U’Ren                  850-221-1261*      2020

Secretary,    Sheila Austin        360-865-7374         2022

At-Large,       Al Miller       612-719-2013              2020

The Board of Directors meet on the second Tuesday of the month, Sept thru May.

* Appointed April 17 2019 until the next annual meeting.

Community Documents

Conditions, Covenants and Restrictions         Bylaws

Articles of Incorporation                                       Articles of Incorporation (Summary)

Architectural Committee Guidelines 12Feb2019

Should any portion of Community Documents be in conflict with any Federal, State,

or County law, The Federal, State, or County law shall take precedence.

CC&R’s takes precedence over By-Laws

Treasurer’s Report (needs password)