Committee Chairperson

Committee      Chairperson        Phone               Email

Architectural,  Al Miller   612-719-2013 (Chair)

                              Mike Zelenak       612-599-7791

                             Jerry Miel      520-908-7122

Courtesy,  Barb Nelson 425-761-9566  -
Locator,  Valeria VanRooy - 406-231-1074
Maintenance,  Harold Shane - 520-648-0762
Social,   Carole Rusch         715-638-0468

                    Val Van Rooy            406-231-1074

           Barb Nelson          425-761-9566

Delegate, GVC,   Marlene Charron - 207-944-0828
Legislative,  Richard Peterson - 648-2287 -
Lamplighter,  Ken McBride   520-777-5640
Landscaper,  Harold Shane - 648-0762
Newsletter Editor,  Shirley Miel - 908-7122
Rules Enforcement,  Ken Van Rooy      406-231-1074 (Co-Chair)

                                         Don Nelson           425-518-2579 (Co-Chair)

                                         Ray U’Ren              850-221-1261 (Co-Chair)

Neighborhood Watch,  Tom Scarlett   520-495-4118
Environment,  Mary Calhoun - 207-8572
Corresponding Secretary,  Tom Scarlett   520-495-4118
Website Manager,  Dick Peterson - 648-2287 -


Architectural Committee

No exterior alteration of any kind shall not be made or done without the prior written approval of the Architectural Committee. Exterior alteration includes any excavation or grading work. The approval required of the Architectural Committee shall be in addition to, and not in lieu of, any approvals or permits which may be required under any federal, state or local law, statute, ordinance, rule or regulation.

Architectural Committee Guidelines 12Feb2019

Pima County Web site: Do I Need a Permit?

Maintenance Committee

 Responsible for the maintenance of the common areas. The Committee negotiates the contracts for garbage collection, tree trimming, and all other care to common areas.  The committee takes care of common lighting, Christmas decorations, and the entrance to CP1. The committee does inspections of homes on a regular basis and advises the owner to correct the problems. Keeping the exteriors in good condition benefits all residents by keeping our property values up.


 Sends out cards to our residents for illness, deaths and other occasions. Please advise the Courtesy Committee Chairperson when you have any new information..


 The newsletter is published two times a year in October and March, to keep residents informed of what is happening in CP1 and the community of Green Valley.  The latest newsletter is posted on our website under Documents


Their job is to replace burned out lightbulbs in your front yard lamppost if you can’t. If needed they will change out your sensor, but the cost of it ($10 to $20) is yours. If you replace your own light bulb, be sure it is no brighter than 40-60 watts. That’s all the sensors can use. If you leave for the Summer place a spare bulb in the lamppost. Don’t shut off power to lamppost. 

Neighborhood Watch

 Responsible for keeping our HOA aware of any problems within Green Valley and reporting to the HOA.  They keep in touch with SAV (Sheriff’s Auxiliary Volunteers) and the Sheriff’s Department.  The Block Captains assist with welcoming new residents and giving them information about CP1, and getting current telephone and emergency information for our records.


 Appointed by the President when an audit of the books is needed each year for the annual meeting.


  Responsible to find members to run for the Board of Directors as positions come available.

The Locator

 Assembles and distributes a directory of the homeowners and full time renters of CP1. 

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Potluck supper (Sept thru April) on the 3rd Friday of the month at 5:30 P.M. The November and December Potlucks are held on Thanksgiving Day and on Christmas Day at 2:00 pm. The sign-up sheet is displayed on the back wall of the pool Ramada 2 weeks prior to the Potluck. 

 Ladies’ Coffee/Tea at the Casa Paloma 1 Rec Center. Come any time from 10:00am to noon on the first (1st) Wednesday of the month from November through April. This is a good place to meet your neighbors and make new friends

Rules Enforcement

 Responds to complaints from our homeowners when there is a dispute or complaint against another homeowner.


 Keeps homeowners informed on the changes in the legislature that affects HOA’s.


 Attend the Green Valley Council meetings to find out what is going on in the community and reports to the homeowners.